Empowering Women-Farmers to be Proactive

In this era of climate change, millions of rural smallholder farmers around the world could benefit from insurance against storms, flood, and droughts. In response, the European Institute of Technology’s Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (Climate-KIC) has seed-funded a promising Tanzanian insurance pilot called WINnERS that links farm insurance with access to credit, farm inputs, and climate-risk-reduction training. Our two-year, $550,000 grant to Climate-KIC supports greater inclusion of women smallholder farmers in the program, along with increased opportunities for women’s empowerment and leadership in farmer organizations.  



Grant Date:

October 2018
Active Grant

CJRF Region:

East Africa

Regional Objectives:



Why Climate-KIC?

With access to cheaper credit, insurance and knowledge, Climate-KIC’s WINnERS incentivizes activities that make smallholder farmers more resilient to climate change. In addition, strong partnerships and alliances make the project more scalable.

Photo courtesy of Climate-KIC.