Our Timeline and Process

CJRF will award grants sequentially in regional “clusters” as indicated in the figure below. The Bay of Bengal cluster will be considered in May of 2017; the East Africa cluster will be considered in January of 2018; and the Arctic cluster will be considered in May of 2018. Following these dates, subsequent grant clusters will focus on scale-up and cross-learning, with themes and focal areas still to be determined. 

Please note that specific dates beyond October 2018 are subject to change.  This website will be updated with additional information if the timeline is adjusted

Timeline photo.png

Our Process

The Climate Justice Resilience Fund operates through three grant making phases. In the initial "Pipeline Phase," the CJRF welcomes letters of interest and actively solicits concept notes from promising partners in line with CJRF priorities. Ideas selected to enter the "Decision Making Phase" will receive a formal request for proposal. The CJRF Director then works closely with the applicant to refine the concept, complete an application, facilitate review of the application, and make a recommendation on funding.

During the "Implementation Phase," project partners work toward measurable deliverables and/or milestones specified in the CJRF grant agreement. The CJRF Director will maintain regular communications with the project team, and may further support projects with in-kind services, strategic guidance, or other resources as appropriate.

Grantmaking decisions are made by the CJRF Review Board. Review Board members recommend funding decisions to the New Venture Fund Board of Directors. Applicants who submit a full proposal can expect funding decisions within four months.