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Panii Jibon: Water is Life

In September 2017, CJRF provided a $1 million grant to HELVETAS for Phase II of the Panii Jibon (“Water is Life”) project. HELVETAS will use the CJRF grant to build resilience of climate change affected communities, especially women and youth, in the disaster-prone districts of Bagerhat and Khulna in Southwest Bangladesh. Key areas of work would include: support for advocacy around access to water services; technical adaptation of farming and water management systems; training around safe migration and productive remittance investments; and research, training, and advocacy to support local demands for transparent and accountable governance. HELVETAS will work with local on-the-ground organisations using a rights-based approach, in partnership with Development Organization for Rural Poor, Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre, International Centre for Climate Change and Development, and Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program.









Enhancing Climate Justice and Resilience Narratives

In September 2017, CJRF provided a $1 million grant to InternewsEarth Journalism Network for its project on “Enhancing Climate Justice and Resilience Narratives Around the Bay of Bengal.” Using CJRF funds, EJN and its partner Third Pole aim to build local journalists’ capacity for coverage of climate justice and resilience issues in the Bay of Bengal. Project goals include: to increase access to socio-environmental information; increase inclusion of women and marginalized groups in environmental media coverage; and build peer-to-peer knowledge sharing in the sector. These goals will be achieved through: research on how information flows in the region; workshops, mentoring, fellowships, and story grants for individual journalists; innovation grants for news organizations, NGOs, universities, and other media institutions; partnerships with university communications and journalism departments; and strengthening the online networks of EJN and Third Pole. CJRF funds will directly increase access to information and local storytelling around climate adaptation solutions and issues in the Bay of Bengal.










Eleventh International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation: Harnessing Natural Resources and Ecosystems for Adaptation Uganda

In June 2017, CJRF provided a $20,000 USD grant to IIED to support the 11th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA11). CBA11, held in Kampala, Uganda, brought together practitioners, NGOs, policymakers, researchers, funders and members of the communities. CBA11 attendees examined adaptation policies and actions that are crucial for empowering and supporting communities to take action based on their own decision-making processes. This year’s conference theme was ‘Harnessing Natural Resources and Ecosystems for Adaptation’.  In keeping with an emphasis on youth, CJRF funding was used to facilitate productive links between CBA11 and the CBA11 Youth Conference at Makerere University Center for Climate Change Research and Innovations.

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Watershed: The Values and Value of Water

In March 2017, CJRF provided a $50,000 USD grant to Circle for Blue to support for the conference, Watershed: The Values and Value of Water. The three-day event, held at the Vatican, celebrated World Water Day by creating a new conversation around how to unite ethical, moral, economic, and scientific principles in responding to the world’s urgent water challenges. The conference immediately followed a papal audience and proclamation by Pope Francis, and was live-streamed to drive a global social media conversation around the #MyWaterStory hashtag.  Circle of Blue also facilitated a work session on March 23 during which experts, educators, and design thinkers gathered to map a 5-year strategy around the value and values of water. The resulting outputs — multimedia, workshop findings, and new cross-organizational engagements — add new insights and direction to initiatives including the World Water Forum, World Water Congress, and the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on the Environment.

Rights, resilience and community-led relocation

In April 2017, CJRF provided a two-year $752,450 USD grant to the Alaska Institute for Justice (AIJ) for its climate justice project: Rights, Resilience and Community-led Relocation. AIJ will work with 15 coastal Alaska Native villages to design and implement a community-led approach to decision-making about community relocation in the face of climate change. AIJ seeks to ensure that communities’ human rights are protected before, during and after relocation occurs. As part of this work, AIJ will work with community elders and youth to develop a social and ecological monitoring and assessment tool, and will host activates that bring coastal Alaska Native villagers together to facilitate relocation knowledge sharing and collaboration. The grant also enables AIJ to engage tribal, state, and federal government agencies in exploring how communities can be supported in their adaptation and relocation efforts.