Increasing Impact Through Collaboration

When groups working in isolation on similar issues come together, it offers unique opportunities to accelerate change. Our three-year, $400,000 grant supports Tides Canada’s creation of an Arctic Indigenous Stewardship Network focused on coordinating Inuit- and Dene-led efforts across the Canadian North to monitor and care for the land. By housing and convening local partners to share knowledge, best practices, and to collaborate on advocacy efforts, Tides Canada intends to increase the overall reach and effectiveness of these groups. The work also adds to the body of knowledge that informs climate change adaptation.



Grant Date:

October 2018
Active Grant

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Entry Points:

Sustainable Livelihoods


Why Tides Canada?

Tides Canada increases opportunities for the next generation of young people by supporting livelihoods that align with indigenous culture. The organization has also identified significant match funding with the potential to further leverage its programs.

Photo courtesy of Pat Kane and Tides Canada.