Who We Are

The Climate Justice Resilience Fund aims to address the most profound injustices associated with climate change.  Rooted in a social justice and human rights framework, we prioritize the contributions and demands of women, youth, and indigenous peoples. We aim to work with constituency groups that have been traditionally left out of the decision-making process, yet are often those most negatively impacted by climate change. Our work helps them advance their climate resilience through on-the-ground projects, and by shaping national and international mechanisms to support ‘bottom-up’ adaptation approaches.  We invest in five key ‘pillars’ of work: advocacy; access to information; local initiatives; movement infrastructure; and leadership development.

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The Climate Justice Resilience Fund was created through a generous $20 million grant from the Oak Foundation.  It is a project of New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity registered in the United States. The CJRF welcomes additional funding partners with aligned interests, and is developing a partnership strategy to grow the size of the fund and its impact. We invite you to download an overview of our current strategic framework here, or contact us for more information.