Rights, Resilience and Community-led Relocation

In April 2017, CJRF provided a two-year $752,450 USD grant to the Alaska Institute for Justice (AIJ) for its climate justice project: Rights, Resilience and Community-led Relocation. AIJ will work with 15 coastal Alaska Native villages to design and implement a community-led approach to decision-making about community relocation in the face of climate change. AIJ seeks to ensure that communities’ human rights are protected before, during and after relocation occurs. As part of this work, AIJ will work with community elders and youth to develop a social and ecological monitoring and assessment tool, and will host activates that bring coastal Alaska Native villagers together to facilitate relocation knowledge sharing and collaboration. The grant also enables AIJ to engage tribal, state, and federal government agencies in exploring how communities can be supported in their adaptation and relocation efforts.



Grant Date:

April 2017
Active Grant

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Migration and Relocation


Why Alaska Institute for Justice?

CJRF believes in community-based projects that are highly participatory, which is why we love working with the Alaska Institute for Justice. AIJ is directly engaging with 15 Alaskan Native tribes facing climate induced displacement in Coastal Alaska. In the communities AIJ is actively working with, communities are having to confront the reality that their communities are disappearing due to coastal erosion. AIJ is pioneering cross-community knowledge sharing to create local solutions for relocation in a very innovative and collaborative way.

Photo courtesy of the Alaska Institute for Justice