Increasing Capacity to Support Solutions

In Alaska, melting ice and severe erosion due to climate change mean that indigenous people face risky travel, livelihood disruptions and forced relocations. They often do not have the necessary resources to effectively adapt to these serious changes. Our two-year, $300,000 grant to the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium supports the Center for Environmentally Threatened Communities in its work to empower critically at-risk Alaska Native communities. The grant funds ANTHC to hire “community catalysts” who will help communities find technical assistance and government funding. ANTHC also will develop and implement a new communications strategy.



Grant Date:

October 2018
Active Grant

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Entry Points:

Migration and Relocation


Why Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium?

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium has a track record of building bridges between small remote communities and larger institutions that have resources. In addition to being well-connected in Alaska, the group knows how to leverage Federal programming. Their work reaches the people most impacted by climate change.

Photo courtesy of ANTHC.