Building Women’s Voices for Equitable Resource Management

The BOMA Project is a 13-year-old women’s development organization that follows the “poverty graduation” approach to development. Poverty graduation focuses on supporting people to move rapidly out of extreme poverty by growing small businesses and accumulating savings. BOMA has tailored its poverty graduation model to the specific needs of women in Africa’s drylands. Our $206,000 grant to BOMA will allow them to integrate new climate resilience and natural resource management practices into their ongoing poverty graduation work in Samburu County, Kenya. Using this grant, BOMA will collaborate with the county government to train women in climate resilient management of land, water, and pasture. In conjunction with this training, women will also develop the leadership and decision-making skills required to take part in the local committees that govern these natural resources.



Grant Date:

June 2019
Active Grant

CJRF Region:

East Africa

Entry Points:

Sustainable Livelihoods;
Food Security


Why BOMA Project?

Through their work with BOMA, women are raising their voices to advocate for their families’ needs, strengthen local natural resource management practices, and drive change that builds greater resilience. By facilitating women’s engagement in decision-making, BOMA is working to create climate resilience policies and resource management practices that are more equitable, and thus, more sustainable.

Photo courtesy of BOMA Project