Increasing Equity in Global Climate Funding

Connecting local needs to the global climate crisis increases the world’s abilities to respond effectively. The largest single international pot of climate funding, the Green Climate Fund (GCF), supports large-scale mitigation and adaptation projects in developing countries. Our two-year, $562,000 grant helps position three global advocacy organizations, Both ENDS, the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), and Tebtebba, to advocate for local communities to benefit from GCF funds. By working to strengthen the capacities of women’s, Indigenous Peoples’, and grassroots groups, the three partners will connect local voices to the national and global policies and processes that govern climate funding.



Grant Date:

June 2019
Active Grant

CJRF Region:


Pillars of Work:

Movement Infrastructure;
Access to Information


Why these organizations?

Both ENDS, CIEL, and Tebtebba have a proven track record of advocating for transparent and inclusive climate finance. Through their targeted efforts, these three organizations raise the voices of local, women-led, and Indigenous Peoples’ groups facing the effects of climate change so they can inform and influence the largest and most politically significant funding initiatives.

Photo courtesy of Both ENDS