Community-led Initiatives for Climate Justice in Bangladesh

In December 2017, CJRF provided a $721,750 grant to COAST for its project “Community-led Initiatives for Climate Justice and Resilience in the Islands and Coastal Areas of the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh.” With CJRF funds, COAST will work with some of the most climate-vulnerable people in Bangladesh, who live on remote islands and the char lands. Many face displacement by floods and rising seas. The three-year project will build a coastal advocacy network, increase access to information through a girls’ radio program, provide education for girls who have left school, and provide technical support and capital inputs related to water, sanitation, agriculture, and climate-adaptive livelihoods. The CJRF grant enables COAST to address the links between climate events, education, domestic violence, and child marriage. 



Grant Date:

December 2017
Active Grant

CJRF Region:

Bay of Bengal

Entry Points:

Water Access;
Food Security;
Sustainable Livelihoods;
Migration and Relocation



We love COAST’s strong emphasis on rights-based approaches and long-term commitment to coastal communities. COAST has a 20-year history of advocating for the most climate-vulnerable people in Bangladesh, including a commitment to girls’ rights and empowerment.