Filmmaking for Local-to-Global Climate Action

Storytelling offers a powerful tool for inspiration. Our two-year, $325,000 grant to East African documentary film fund Docubox helps expand the reach of Thank You for The Rain. This documentary features Kisilu Musya, a Kenyan farmer, who became a community resilience organizer and global climate justice spokesperson. With partners Differ Media, Kavyonda Community Group, SASOL, and IIED, the funding allows Docubox to use the film as a springboard for action, both on policy advocacy and grassroots initiatives. Docubox and partners will conduct screenings in villages, schools, and urban centers in both Kenya and Tanzania, as well as internationally.



Grant Date:

July 2018
Active Grant

CJRF Region:

East Africa

Regional Objectives:

Land Management


Why Docubox?

Docubox understands how the unique stories of real-world changemakers can inspire action. In this age of digital storytelling, their commitment to building an international movement through film couldn’t be timelier. In addition, collaborative screenings of this documentary with other organizations in our East Africa portfolio offers an additional catalyst for change.

Photo courtesy of Docubox