Building a Global Network of Woman Climate Leaders

Networking and the exchange of knowledge makes any movement stronger. Our three-year, $700,000 grant to the Huairou Commission enables information sharing between women in Kenya and India who work at the forefront of climate resilience. Working with existing network partners in India (Swayam Shiksan Prayog and ORRISSA) and Kenya (Shibuye Community Health Workers), the Huairou Commission builds leadership skills, inclusion in climate change planning, and helps women secure funding for grassroots initiatives through a unique community-driven climate finance model.



Grant Date:

July 2018
Active Grant

CJRF Region:


Pillars of Work:

Local Initiatives;
Movement Infrastructure;
Leadership Development


Why Huairou Commission?

Peer exchange among grassroots women leaders presents a compelling model for fostering effective global change. In addition, this inter-regional work to connect women in India and Kenya represents our first major global grant.

Photo courtesy of Huairou Commission