Networked for Securing Land Rights, Resilience, and Peace

Many communities around the globe traditionally hold their land in common, not under individual ownership. Kenya is getting ready to roll out its landmark Community Land Rights Act, which formally recognizes community lands for the first time. Working in partnership with the Christensen Fund, our two-year, $350,000 USD grant to IMPACT will create a coalition to help communities register their lands under the new law, so they can work together to prevent conflict and manage the land sustainably. Called Pastoralists Alliance for Resilience and Adaptation in North Kenya (PARAN), the network includes partners Kivulini Trust, Indigenous Strategies and Institution for Development, Samburu Women Trust, Pastoralists Governance and Development Project, and Waso Trust Land.



Grant Date:

July 2018
Active Grant

CJRF Region:

East Africa

Regional Objectives:

Land Management



IMPACT has build PARAN network to draw upon the unique expertise of diverse organizations across Marsabit, Laikipia, and Samburu Counties. This means that the work proceeds with a powerful depth and breadth of experience. It's those collective relationships and connections, combined with policy savvy and celebration of land and culture, that will build a movement with strong momentum.

Photo courtesy of IMPACT