Amplifying Indigenous Voice for Climate Solutions

Decisions on climate change solutions and climate policy have largely ignored Indigenous experts, values, knowledge and voices. Our two-year, $210,000 grant to Indigenous Climate Action (ICA) aims to change this by making sure Indigenous communities in Canada have capacity and tools to build their own climate solutions. ICA will roll out a toolkit that Indigenous communities can use to assess their climate challenges and develop collaborative solutions. They also will host community dialogues in Northern Indigenous communities to help ensure that their concerns, priorities, and experiences are well integrated into a Canada-wide climate movement.



Grant Date:

June 2019
Active Grant

CJRF Region:


Pillars of Work:

Movement Infrastructure;
Local Initiatives


Why Indigenous Climate Action?

By combining community dialogue with activism, Indigenous Climate Action is building a climate movement in Canada that is informed and led by Indigenous voices and communities.

Photo courtesy of Indigenous Climate Action