Enhancing Climate Justice and Resilience Narrative

In September 2017, CJRF provided a $1 million grant to InternewsEarth Journalism Network for its project on “Enhancing Climate Justice and Resilience Narratives Around the Bay of Bengal.” Using CJRF funds, EJN and its partner Third Pole aim to build local journalists’ capacity for coverage of climate justice and resilience issues in the Bay of Bengal. Project goals include: to increase access to socio-environmental information; increase inclusion of women and marginalized groups in environmental media coverage; and build peer-to-peer knowledge sharing in the sector. These goals will be achieved through: research on how information flows in the region; workshops, mentoring, fellowships, and story grants for individual journalists; innovation grants for news organizations, NGOs, universities, and other media institutions; partnerships with university communications and journalism departments; and strengthening the online networks of EJN and Third Pole. CJRF funds will directly increase access to information and local storytelling around climate adaptation solutions and issues in the Bay of Bengal.



Grant Date:

September 2017
Active Grant

CJRF Region:

Bay of Bengal

Entry Points:

Water Access;
Food Security;
Sustainable Livelihoods;
Migration and Relocation


Why Internews?

Strong media coverage of climate justice is a necessary ingredient for policy influence and scaling of local action. We love that Internews uses their CJRF grant to build the capacity of local journalists to report on climate justice stories and influence climate action in the Bay of Bengal.


Photo courtesy of Internews