Storytelling for Local Strength

Too often, Alaska Native’s get portrayed in the media as victims of climate change. Our two-and-a-half year, $325,000 grant enables the Koahnic Broadcast Corporation to produce radio stories and web-based media focused on strategies used by area Natives to adapt and build resilience. By showcasing local solutions, Koahnic aims to increase understanding and awareness about the realities of climate change and the ingenious ways people find to adapt.



Grant Date:

October 2018
Active Grant

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Pillars of Work:

Access to Information

Why Koahnic Broadcast Corporation?

As a leading source for Native news in the United States, Koahnic has tremendous potential to shift the conversation about climate change when and where it matters. Koahnic’s own KNBA station covers an area home to more than half Alaska’s population. In addition, more than 350 US public radio stations air the news station’s programs, including all 57 Native stations.

Photo courtesy of Koahnic.