The Legal Route to Climate Justice  

Around the world, many people know little about their legal rights, or how to use the law to assert their rights. Our two-year, $125,000 grant to NAMATI supports its grassroots group of “barefoot lawyers” (community paralegals) to help Kenyan communities secure and strengthen their land rights in the context of a changing climate. Partnering with IMPACT, Samburu Women Trust, and Il’laramatak Community Concerns, NAMATI will mobilize its paralegals to support climate justice through Community Action Plans and implementation of the Community Land Act in East Africa.



Grant Date:

October 2018
Active Grant

CJRF Region:

East Africa

Regional Objectives:

Land Management



This grant helps to strengthen already strong partnerships and enhances their ability to work as a community. In addition, case studies and guidance documents from this work will help inform local land management institutions about climate resilience solutions.

Photo courtesy of NAMATI.