For Indigenous Peoples by Indigenous Peoples

The Pawanka Fund is an Indigenous-led regranting fund established in 2014. Our two-year, $308,000 grant aims to support them in growing their climate portfolio. This includes making 22 local grants to support climate resilience of Indigenous Peoples. The Pawanka Fund builds climate justice by bringing a holistic approach to grantmaking that values traditional knowledge connected to land, natural resources, culture, spirituality, and other aspects of Indigenous identity and community life.



Grant Date:

June 2019
Active Grant

CJRF Region:


Pillars of Work:

Movement Infrastructure;
Local Initiatives


Why the Pawanka Fund?

As an Indigenous-led regranting institution, the Pawanka Fund makes grant decisions after considering “cultural due diligence” criteria. These criteria ensure that all projects protect and revitalize traditional knowledge practices, support community wellbeing and self-determination, and maintain, update, or revitalize cultural practices, beliefs, and language. The result? Grantmaking that is culturally appropriate, more sustainable, and self-determined.

Photo courtesy of the Pawanka Fund