Developing a Project for Community-driven Planned Relocation

In December 2017, CJRF provided a $50,000 planning grant to YPSA to support a project called “Developing a Project for Community-driven Planned Relocation of Highly Vulnerable Climate Displaced Households in South-Eastern Coast of Bangladesh.” YPSA will use the CJRF grant to develop a detailed plan for proposed future work on helping climate-displaced people relocate their homes to safety.  The grant will, in particular, enable YPSA to involve both displaced households and members of the “receiving communities” in the relocation planning process.  It also will enable them to develop a detailed advocacy and outreach strategy aimed at raising public and government awareness of climate displacement issues.  YPSA will conduct the work in partnership with Displacement Solutions.



Grant Date:

December 2017
Active Grant

CJRF Region:

Bay of Bengal

Entry Points:

Migration and Relocation



Climate-induced migration and relocation is the one area in the CJRF portfolio that has received the least amount of international attention and funding. We believe that YPSA is well-positioned to fill this gap to work with local communities seeking to migrate and relocate because of climate change. YPSA is filling an important need, bringing attention to a critical issue in the Bay of Bengal, and doing work that no other organization in the region is yet doing. YPSA is partnering with Displacement Solutions for this grant, an organization with a history confronting climate induced relocation.


Photo courtesy of YPSA