Oak Foundation Launches $20 Million Climate Change Fund


The Geneva-based Oak Foundation has announced a six-year, $20 million grant to the New Venture Fund to establish a fund that will invest in communities on the frontlines of climate change.

The Climate Justice Resilience Fund will award grants to organizations working to help communities in East Africa, the Bay of Bengal region, and the Arctic identify and implement approaches to climate change adaptation and resilience, acquire advocacy skills, and access information they can use to influence policy at the local, national, and international levels. Read more from Philanthropy News Digest.

A Global Green Funder Tries its Hand at Community-Level Climate Justice

The growing Oak Foundation has been on the move this year, making big shifts within its environment program. The latest development sets aside $20 million for the underfunded cause of climate justice. Read more from Tate Williams at Inside Philanthropy.

Introducing the new Climate Justice Resilience Fund: investing in communities on the frontlines of climate change

© Anne Henshaw/Oak Foundation

© Anne Henshaw/Oak Foundation

Climate change has become one of the most contested terms in the English language today. The term inspires debate and fear. Why? Because a changing climate affects everyone in some manner – increased risks of storms, droughts, floods and other natural disasters, rising sea levels and changing temperature patterns are just some of the possible consequences. Without action, climate change could radically affect the world we know today, and could completely devastate some communities.  But together we can ensure people are protected from the greatest impacts of climate change. Read more.